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    Technology providers.

    For the event industry first, but also for all activities that need cutting edge software connecting web platforms, APIs, mobile applications and devices.

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  • Event Solutions.

    We help event organizers deal with online registration, onsite guest management, and live interaction. We provide both software and service.

  • Devices.

    We help you deploy as many devices as you need, be it on rental or acquisition basis. We don't fear setting up hundreds of iPads.

  • Custom Apps.

    We also code the dedicated apps you need on our spare time. We do it with the latest technologies and the best project management tools and ressources.

Event Solutions

All the software and service to make your events a big success. From 10 delegates to a 100.000 people crowd. Learn more.

Touch Device Solutions

Based on Responsive Web Design or Native Apps. We analyse your need, develop it or put solutions together, and deploy it on an ephemer or long-term fleet. Learn more.

Tech Lab

We assist start-ups and bigger companies launch high-value software projects. tagEmploi, Monsieurdrive, Dom'up come from our Technical Lab. Learn more.

Event Software and Service

Since 2011, Applidget assisted more than 300 professional event organisers deal with more than 500.000 attendees. Worldwide.

Online Registration

Event organizers need fully customized ticket/registration process for their attendees. That is what Applidget offers. Learn More.

Web Apps

Event organizers need web apps to communicate with their attendees and engage them. That is what Applidget offers. Learn More.

Onsite Performance

Event organizers need to welcome guests, and manage flows efficiently with simple software and beautiful devices. That is what Applidget offers. Learn More.


Event organizers need dedicated reliable online/onsite support. That is what Applidget Staff offers. Learn More.

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Manage Devices

Applidget helps you create or put together business solutions to be deployed on numerous devices. For short-term operations or for long term business processes

Remote Data Collection

Tablets make it possible to collect Data anywhere. For any budget Applidget has solutions. Learn more.

Fleet management

It takes time and skill to deploy apps on many devices. Applidget has solutions for you. Learn more.

Live participation and voting

The best way to solve compatibility issues, and garantee a 100% participation rate is to provide devices. Applidget can provide you with hundreds of devices for all your attendees. Learn more.

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Fantastic job on Friday, the App is now looking in good shape.

Tech Lab for Start-ups and bigger companies

Since 2010, Applidget bootstrapped many technology oriented projects. tagEmploi, monsieurdrive, Dom'up were technically launched at our office. Learn more.


Innovation need cutting edge technologies. We talk Ruby on Rails, node JS, iOS and Android. Learn More.

SaaS integrations

Stay focus on your business, and let others provide you side-features. We are SaaS specialists. Learn More.

Mobile Apps

Event Organizers need to welcome guests, and manage flows efficiently with a simple software and beautiful devices. That is what Applidget offers. Learn More.

Project Management

Starting a new project enables you to chose the best tools an methods. We are pragmatic agile experts. Learn More.

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Meet the Team

Applidget success relies on its team composed of technical, market and project experts. You can also join the team.